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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm So Proud ...

This week. I have a Huge standing of Pride, and am thankful for so many things.

one, My boyfriend Derek and I had our 4 year anniversary on Aug. 28th.. Woot woot! I love him. I couldn't ask for a better man!

two, My job. I have a job, can you believe it.. Ok, so its only 18 hours a week, but still, I feel like I'm contributing more, so that was a boost to the ole self esteem.. ya!

three, Something I am so, so very excited about. Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. The fact that they could be running our country in the next few months, is like hope on a gold platter. Our country NEEDS this you guys! The passion behind thier ideas, motives, and outlook on the world overall, surpasses my expectations for a well fit, and suitable pair in the white house. I strongly believe, that while the " CHANGE " idea may be corny to some, its true, and long overdue.

I'm telling you, THEY are the ones who will make this happen. They have balls, Heart, and More motivation than you could fit into a clown car. The speech he gave at the DNC on Thursday, was one of the most eloquently spoken speeches I have ever heard.

"ENOUGH" He said so firmly! Enough Mr. Bush, enough Big oil Profits, enough ripping our working class to shreds. enough! And when he said that, I knew, the doubts that were coming at him earlier, like, " he doesnt have the gall to be President " or the " stand up " to be firm in his positions.

Bull shit!

eat that. Our middleclass is falling apart. So many factors included. I cringe,... and my stomach sickens at the thought of John McCain in the white house with this new floozy of a vice president he has chosen. He is FAKE. a LIAR. and a POLITICIAN of the worst kind. He'll tell you what you wanna hear, so you'll vote for him. I think, yea, he loves his country, but he is living in a whole different level of reality than most americans.

If you werent able to catch the speech, read it. Its worth it, and he tells you PLAINLY what he believes, and what he doesnt..

enough ranting about politics. On to the next topic.

Another thing I'm really proud of is my new Licensing company, Mis-Taken Art,

its still in the works, but we are working quickly!!!! I'm sure i'll post a giddy entry when we officially launch :)

Anyway.. thanks all! Have a great Fall !!

♥ Mis

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Christie Silvers said...

Happy 4th anniversary!!! :-)