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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Facts.. not opinions..

Taken From CNN:

You can find a LOT of actual, backed up FACTS at even politico.

Please, be careful what you listen to. I really would hate for our country to go through all this again.

We deserve better.

Fact Check: Did Obama vote 94 times for higher taxes?
Verdict:Misleading. McCain's summary ignores the fact that some of the votes were for measures to lower taxes for many Americans while increasing them for a much smaller number of taxpayers. A nonpartisan examination also finds that the 94 total includes multiple votes on the same measures and budget votes that would not directly lead to higher taxes.


Fact Check: Is Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan 'dangerous'?
Verdict: Misleading. Mullen reacted to a question about a hypothetical military move in Iraq — a troop withdrawal timeline. He did not say such a move would imperil the United States and gave no indication that he was talking about Obama's position

Fact Check: Does McCain almost always agree with Bush?
Verdict: True

Fact Check: Did Obama say the Iraq troop 'surge' could not work?
The Verdict: True but incomplete. While acknowledging the surge's military successObama says the political goals it was meant to secure have not been met.


Fact Check: Did Obama vote to raise taxes?
Verdict: Misleading


Fact check: Was Obama against the troop 'surge' in Iraq?
The Verdict: True but incomplete. Obama did oppose the surge but has acknowledged military success "beyond our wildest dreams."


Fact Check:Did McCain criticize attacking al Qaeda in Pakistan?
The Verdict: True. Biden accurately characterizes Obama and McCain's statements.


Fact Check: Is Obama ad right on McCain's immigration stance?
Mixed. While McCain has backed off his support of sweeping immigration reform, he has continued to endorse some immigration initiatives supported by Latino groups.

Fact Check: Does Obama want to ban guns and rifles?
The Verdict: Misleading. While Obama has supported some measures to limit gun rights, he has backed nothing on the scale suggested in the ad.

Fact Check: Did Obama vote 94 times for higher taxes?
Verdict:Misleading. McCain's summary ignores the fact that some of the votes were for measures to lower taxes for many Americans, while increasing them for a much smaller number of taxpayers. A nonpartisan examination also finds that the 94 total includes multiple votes on the same measures and budget votes that would not directly lead to higher taxes.

Fact Check: Obama's Social Security charge
Verdict: False. There is no basis for Obama to claim that "the millions" who rely on those benefits would be affected, or that anyone's nest egg would have "disappeared." But McCain does support allowing some Social Security funds to enter the stock market in the future, while Obama does not.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm So Proud ...

This week. I have a Huge standing of Pride, and am thankful for so many things.

one, My boyfriend Derek and I had our 4 year anniversary on Aug. 28th.. Woot woot! I love him. I couldn't ask for a better man!

two, My job. I have a job, can you believe it.. Ok, so its only 18 hours a week, but still, I feel like I'm contributing more, so that was a boost to the ole self esteem.. ya!

three, Something I am so, so very excited about. Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. The fact that they could be running our country in the next few months, is like hope on a gold platter. Our country NEEDS this you guys! The passion behind thier ideas, motives, and outlook on the world overall, surpasses my expectations for a well fit, and suitable pair in the white house. I strongly believe, that while the " CHANGE " idea may be corny to some, its true, and long overdue.

I'm telling you, THEY are the ones who will make this happen. They have balls, Heart, and More motivation than you could fit into a clown car. The speech he gave at the DNC on Thursday, was one of the most eloquently spoken speeches I have ever heard.

"ENOUGH" He said so firmly! Enough Mr. Bush, enough Big oil Profits, enough ripping our working class to shreds. enough! And when he said that, I knew, the doubts that were coming at him earlier, like, " he doesnt have the gall to be President " or the " stand up " to be firm in his positions.

Bull shit!

eat that. Our middleclass is falling apart. So many factors included. I cringe,... and my stomach sickens at the thought of John McCain in the white house with this new floozy of a vice president he has chosen. He is FAKE. a LIAR. and a POLITICIAN of the worst kind. He'll tell you what you wanna hear, so you'll vote for him. I think, yea, he loves his country, but he is living in a whole different level of reality than most americans.

If you werent able to catch the speech, read it. Its worth it, and he tells you PLAINLY what he believes, and what he doesnt..

enough ranting about politics. On to the next topic.

Another thing I'm really proud of is my new Licensing company, Mis-Taken Art,

its still in the works, but we are working quickly!!!! I'm sure i'll post a giddy entry when we officially launch :)

Anyway.. thanks all! Have a great Fall !!

♥ Mis

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yea.. Sorry Bout That!

Oh my.. I have been lacking in the Bloggin Department! LOL
As usual. I've been keeping busy. Getting back into Paint Shop Pro, and tagging, Making stats, etc. I missed it.. And Am glad I got back into it. Although I lost So many of my Tubes when my computer crashed.. I've started collecting again. Just need to make some money so I can buy some more, and pay to get some of my old ones restored.

Incredimail Stats - Copyright Safe - Join Stat Swap!

Less Than Traditional Moms, is doing exceptionally well. We are taking off faster than I had anticipated. Our members, are active, helpful members. Not just creepy lurkers.
We have fun. I'm so grateful for all the women there. I'd be lost without them.

I've decided to start a licensing company. Mis-Taken Art. Started out as just being Mine, but then, I decided to branch out. My idea is freaking awesome. I can't wait to launch this Month. We will offer very CHEAP, and affordable licensing for personal, and commercial uses. We also will be signing new artists after we launch. Email me if you are interested... :)

Ebay, oh yea. I'm starting back up on that. Listed some shoes today, and took a break from it to do this. Its on my list.. * remember, im getting organized * So, watch for some neat stuff.. this room is jam packed with clothes, shoes, books, and all kinds of "this n that".

See my ebay Schtuff... Click here.

I'm getting ready to put out a photo book. I'm looking for poems, or inspirational writings for it, if you have some, shoot em my way. I'll see if I can match them up to a photo I got. You will be credited as you desire ♥

on from that...

I've still been taking pictures like a crazy person. I love it. I love love love it! I've been in our local paper, thanks to WFL . (( thank you! ))

So guys, good luck with your business ventures... I've picked up a few as well.. I'm quite excited about them.

xoxo Mis

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

.. Just another day ..

Well, things have been busy to say the least. We've been planning, cleaning, and rushing the last couple weeks... birthday parties, landscaping, politics, and planning for summer.

Aside from that, I've been really taking a lot of pictures. A LOT. Also, starting to sell calendars on CafePress, and eventually branching out to Etsy, If I can get my cards straight. I really hope to actually be somewhat successful with my photos. Nothing Monstrous, but something subtle would be nice. We all love money right?

Christie, My best friend, is helping me get organized. She is one patient woman, to be helping ME. I have a huge organization problem. Its not that I Can't GET organized. Its that I Can't STAY organized... (( sigh ))

So, starting now, well, a week ago, I began organizing within my home. I purchased a planner, and will be "scheduling" myself business wise there, and then My home things will be lil side notes, just to make sure I do them. My problem is, I take on TOO Much, and don't anticipate having success, then being overloaded. Plus, making sure I can continue to do the things I want, so I don't lose interest. So , I know I have something People want, and two great ideas started for a great business.. Just want to make sure I'm prepared this time.

Thank you Christie!

... on a more personal note.

Things have been .. eh.. ah.... rough, to say the least. I know life is meant to be hard and trial-some. but DAMN when does it end? I feel like every time I turn around, I'm hit with another dilemma where I have a good chance of being screwed or , getting hurt. Things just don't seem fair at this time in my life.

Love, Kids, and Cleaning. Make up for at least 90% of my stress each day. Don't even ask about the other 10%.

♥♥♥ but, there is one GREAT thing going for me. I can't tell you YET, but soon, I'll be able to. I'm so happy about it my buttons might pop off my pants. ♥♥♥

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, and That's Exactly What I Meant!!

You ever.. AHHH! Just get so MAD? ... Some days, I could just unleash on some people. I don't know what it is about anger.. But it finds a way, to entangle itself, and to completely poison anything you have going.
Anger destroys many people, and families. But how do you cope with stress? How do you "count to ten" so to speak? I know, myself, I have a hard time with that. I cuss like a sailor, and can be very straightforward at times, maybe too much.
Knowing the reason Why, would be a great thing. So, I dig...

What really pisses me off?
Why does it get to me so badly?
How long do I go without letting off some steam, the right way?
How do I avoid situations that set me off?
How do I resolve them once it's too late?

Why do you wait so long, and let everything build up?

well, as mothers, I believe we ALL do this. We stress over perfection, food, laundry, sex, and the kids.. and by the time we take care of everyone else, our day is over, and we still didn't finish the dishes. Just for me, stress = anger and then later tears..
So what's A woman to do? Huh? Let me tell you what my grandma told me last night when she was here.. She could see the stress all over my face.

" Melissa Dawn " thats me .. lol.. " What the hell are you so mad about? Why do you let yourself get all worked up over things that really are not that important? What you need to do, is say screw housework, and have a beer."

In a sense, it was the perfect thing to say.

Take time for yourself. My grandmother wishes she had.. She said her life has passed her by, and anger was a HUGE Problem of hers. And she regrets many of the decisions that were made out of anger. She says that like me, stress caused it. She was always trying to perfect everything she did. And, oh, she always had to be right. "thats something I got over REALLY quick" She told me. "You just have to bite the bullet, and know when you get older, karma will kiss your hind side."

What would I do without this woman.

I Love my grandma so much, she is a very smart, witty, and TOUGH Italian woman. I hope I can be a lot like her when I age. I think I'll be alright.

Now that my kids are about to push me over the edge.. I think I'll have a beer. lol


Thursday, March 20, 2008

.. In Depth .. Opinions wanted.

 I was watching Cnn.. And the Tibet , Iraq, everywhere... I mean, It is staggering to think of the world, of humanity, as a whole. Think of it man! I mean, For the most part, we see it delivered to us via media, with political agendas attached--free of charge of course. That's where they get you.. ALWAYS in the backside! I mean, who really gets to travel and see FIRSTHAND the damage, and devistation that lies across our planet? The rainforests, the wars, the famine, disease, and abuse?
They are able to infect us without us realizing . Influenced media is always at liberty of the government. What are they infecting us with ? False Media.
We deserve the truth, that much is evident.. I mean, John Mccain doesn't even know who is on whos side.. which really doesn't speak much importance.

Getting back to what I was saying.. the fear that they instill in us from all the negativity... it makes us feel less important, more apt to be submissive.
It numbs us to what we are at our core, what we are here to be, or to become. We are overwhelmed by the neglect, malicious doings, self driven acts of hatred or abuse that we begin to think of the whole world as a lost cause. Its just TOO BIG to overcome.
It becomes easier to hate the lack of courtesy extended, the lost thank yous for opening a door, the people rushing to their destination completely oblivious to the life adjacent to them.

We begin to see things through this darkness delivered to us and we feel hopeless for humanity. How can we love thy neighbor when they don't even say hello? Or even take the time to acknowledge the existance of another being who does not directly hold a place in our lives?

So.. My question for you is this.

What do you do to feel human, to feel compassion for others outside of your family... How do you express this? Through Helping, reaching out? Or do you do it in an indirect way... Behind the scenes . Are you oblivious to the world that's around you, has the media and recent events numbed your sense of immediate and lasting compassion for those who are not immediately effected by your existence?

.. Just a thought.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

What What? Lemme TELL You !

Ok Ok
So, Me, here.. So excited I could Pee myself.. LOL
I got a
CANON digital Rebel XTI for Valentines day.. Beats last years gift..
Which was a tazer gun.
I'm in LOVE with it! Its Perfect for me, and BOY.. Do I have a Lot to learn!
Here is some pics from the eclipse, you can see the Big, Full size Version On my Deviant Art Page, .

In other Lovely news..
My man is FINALLY getting on Dayshift! FINALLY! I'm so glad, I'll have him home for dinner each night.. and to sleep with.. OH GOD YES! LOL. I miss him when he is gone. :)
The new site should be Launched in the next day or so, Waiting on Domain Transfers.. Blah. I'm SO excited about how it has turned out!
Thanks to Heather , at for the help with the setup and hosting,
and thank you JUSSTA! for the GREAT Vector Image of me for my new biz!!! Its perfect, and I Love ya for it girl!

And, even more great news
You can buy premade items from my graphic design site now! And Pay buttons are functional! Finally.. So, if you have time, go have a nosey :) Sign up for my newsletter too!

Thanks guys! I'm trying to stick with this blog thing.
Peace and Chicken Grease

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ok Ok! I'm Doing it already.. sheesh.. *lol*

Seems, I have kept a few of you in waiting...
*cough* Christie *cough* Michelle *cough* Will *cough*
But, Here I am, Blogging.. Although, I'm not totally sure exactly what to "blog" about. I was the one, who said "I never have time to blog"....

I've heard it has benefits. Like, It's a way to vent for some, a good way to advertise, if you sell on the internet, and a great way to update your friends, family, and colleagues on things that are going on. So, yea... onto the blog. I suppose an intro is in order her... seeing as I will be advertising this for more exposure.

I'm Mis, a 22 year young, Work at Home Mom. I love my kids, whom are my "Terror Toddlers". Bradyn is 3, He'll be 4 in may, and my Cheyenne is 2, and will be 3 in May. Bradyn Starts Preschool this August too.. *cries* he is my "mama's boy".
Cheyenne is pistol. Headstong, Hard to keep up with, and Independent, Many great qualities of her Mom.. LoL.

I love to be outside. Landscaping, riding four wheelers, taking pictures, playing, or just walking. I love to admire nature, as my Faith is Based in Nature, It is only natu
ral. I believe The beauty of Nature, is therapeutic in its own right, and meant to be taken in whenever time allows. Being outside gives me time to think, relax, and just enjoy the quiet.

I also, am a Paint Shop Pro addict. I make "siggies" , Logos, Banners, Wallpapers, Book/CD Covers, Business Cards,
Myspace Layouts, Web Templates, Me Pages and Templates for Ebay, The list goes on and on.. It started as a hobby, and ended up as a great way to help other work at home moms, and also, a great way to let my creative juices flow.

Photography, is one of my first loves. Capturing moments in time, is a great opportunity. I take pictures of anything that interests me. My kids, landscapes, flowers, Bugs, structur
es.... anything! I have a site where I Keep them all, stop by if you have a chance.. I'd love to hear what you think of them.
Mis on Deviant Art

I've started a great yahoo group for Moms, like me.. Who are less traditional, have what is considered "different" views on religion, or morals...( like me LoL. ) We are still a New group, but the ladies tha
t we have already, are amazing. Please, stop bye, and join our less than traditional family of Moms.
Less Than Traditional Moms on yahoo groups

And, If you are A Work at home Mom, grandmother, aunt, .. Just a Woman! I know a group, you will love.... Moms United In Business. You will Not be Disappointed. So much work goes into our group here, that if you have a question, we Will Find the answer... We have resources, experience, and most of all, support.
Join Moms United in Business Today!

Aside from all that.. I'm just a simple girl, I'm not prissy, or girlie. I love my Tight fitted Vintage Tees, and my Favor
ite Blue Jeans. I love my Friends, and Family. I'm not one to judge, and love to listen when a friend needs an ear.

So, That's me.. I can't believe you took time to actually read it *l0l*

Peace and Chicken Grease

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