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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tag Offers - 3 Part Offer - Kinky Jimmy, James Jacks, & Nicola Leaning

Leave a comment on the tags you would like, Limit 2 Names Please.
Tag Offer Closes Wed. January 21st Folder will be locked on that date.
You may forward this offer, but please be sure to forward the notice as well.

25 Things About Me... oh boy.

25 Random Things about Me.....

1. I Love Nude art.. Or anything erotic. I love erotica books and stuff too..movies..all that..
2. I love Birthday Parties.
3. Clowns freak me out.. Badly. Like, I'll start crying if they get too close.
4. I have a problem keeping weight on, been an issue forever. Sounds dumb.. But has really SUCKED.
5. I love Green. You get it.. Right? The color.. COME ON NOW!! LoL
6. I love money.. That's green too... :)
7. When I was 16 I ran over my own Cat, and cried for 4 days.
8. I read playboy, and maxim, and Sports Illustrated on a weekly basis.
9. My best friend is
Christie Silvers.. She just gets me. Not may people do. :)
10. I love Green Vegetables ( see, green again ) Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumbers.. Etc...
11. Taking Pictures, and Playing In PSP is therapy for me. Really.. I love it..
12. I wish the whole world could Tag and PSP. It would be a better Place.
13. I DESPISE Art Thieves. 'nuff Said. BLAH.
14. I wonder how I come off to my online friends on a daily basis... Like am I weird, nutty, annoying, mysterious.. LOL.. Don't you ever wonder that stuff?
15. Wow, this is getting harder as I go along.. Hmm.. Oh, I have a Dog, anaya.. She is really small :) and Fat. And " does it " with dogs even when she isn't in heat.. Wtf.
16. My Grandpa Breeds/Raises PR Blueticks. They are worth a lot and stuff.. I didn't realize it till I got older. We hunt together.. But not like on horses.. We WALK, and for 62, he is in better shape than I am.
17. I tend to neglect my blogs and update pages.. Like twitter, etc.. I just have a hard time MAKING myself do it for some reason. I love Instant messenger, and My email.. and I just stay updated there. LOL.
18. I don't have a Facebook I ever log into. I have been in it like. 5 times.
19. My boyfriends name is Derek. He can be an ass. But I love him. He makes me moody. LOL.. Hows THAT for a random fact.
20. I wish, I had coffee right now.
21. OH! And I have no kids for a couple hours!
22. I dropped out of highschool at 16, and got my GED, I've been making money just fine every since. We are even possibly buying a business locally....
23. I sing. I was actually asked to join a local band, but wasn't able to b/c of my kids and BF. ... Sadly.
24. I used to be in a Church Rock band. When I was younger. Yes. Me. I was the singer. We sang at a lot of churches in Missouri and Illinois right along the river. .. LONG time ago.
25. Last one. I'm grateful for all my Online gals, and even Guys.. You guys give me a World to frolic In. :)


Tinties - Taggers Freebie

I decided to make some colorize-able ( if that's even a word lol ) lil' extras here.
So all are on seperate layers. No credit required. I ask that you please share via the bloglink only.
Comments appreciated :) I'd like to know how I'm Doing with all this so far.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Name That Song - Wordart Freebie

So I'm guessing I can post my Freebies here, as well.

Here is some word art I made up today.

Please share only via my Blog site ( copy the url above ).

No credit required. Comments appreciated!

* Hugs *

xo Mis 0x

Name That Song Word Art Freebie

A Conversation with my Kids...

They. Are 3 and 4 right.

They are talking right now.

Real.. This is totally real

Takes place in the computer room....

Bradyn - " Sissy, you're fat! "
Cheyenne - " I'm NOT FAT! "
Bradyn - " yes. You are "

Cheyenne- " Mommy! Bubby said I'm fat, and that word makes me cry, it hurts my feelings "
Me -" what? "
Cheyenne - " MOM! HE SAID I WAS FAT! It made me cry! "
Me- " ok ok. BRADYN "

Bradyn - "What Mom?"
Me - " Did you say your sister was fat?
Bradyn - " yes. But she wouldn't let me have my batman car "
Me " Cheyenne that's HIS Toy."
Cheyenne " but I want it. "

Cheyenne - " Ok mom lets make a deal. How bout BUBBY goes upstairs, and I stay down here. We don't want to be together ANYMORE. Ok"
Bradyn - " I am DEFINATLY not going upstairs. I don't want to go by myself. I'll be bored!"
Cheyenne " Mom, please, I just want to rest!"
"Bradyn - " I wont go. "
Me - " Ooh Yes you will! Both of you, you will Learn to get along! Just PLAY NICE!"

Cheyenne " I don't ever want to see you again BUBBY! Leave me ALONE!"
Bradyn ( Scampers up stairs after Cheyenne ) " Here I come,.... ( hums batman tune ) "


......... Silence.. Two, three, four , five..

MOMMY! ---Bubby is on my blanket,--- NO IM NOT, its mine..--- But yours...........

And it starts all over.

This endless dialogue was brought to you by Mis.. That's me.. And my 3 year old daughter, Cheyenne, and my 4 year old son, Bradyn.
Welcome to my life.