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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Conversation with my Kids...

They. Are 3 and 4 right.

They are talking right now.

Real.. This is totally real

Takes place in the computer room....

Bradyn - " Sissy, you're fat! "
Cheyenne - " I'm NOT FAT! "
Bradyn - " yes. You are "

Cheyenne- " Mommy! Bubby said I'm fat, and that word makes me cry, it hurts my feelings "
Me -" what? "
Cheyenne - " MOM! HE SAID I WAS FAT! It made me cry! "
Me- " ok ok. BRADYN "

Bradyn - "What Mom?"
Me - " Did you say your sister was fat?
Bradyn - " yes. But she wouldn't let me have my batman car "
Me " Cheyenne that's HIS Toy."
Cheyenne " but I want it. "

Cheyenne - " Ok mom lets make a deal. How bout BUBBY goes upstairs, and I stay down here. We don't want to be together ANYMORE. Ok"
Bradyn - " I am DEFINATLY not going upstairs. I don't want to go by myself. I'll be bored!"
Cheyenne " Mom, please, I just want to rest!"
"Bradyn - " I wont go. "
Me - " Ooh Yes you will! Both of you, you will Learn to get along! Just PLAY NICE!"

Cheyenne " I don't ever want to see you again BUBBY! Leave me ALONE!"
Bradyn ( Scampers up stairs after Cheyenne ) " Here I come,.... ( hums batman tune ) "


......... Silence.. Two, three, four , five..

MOMMY! ---Bubby is on my blanket,--- NO IM NOT, its mine..--- But yours...........

And it starts all over.

This endless dialogue was brought to you by Mis.. That's me.. And my 3 year old daughter, Cheyenne, and my 4 year old son, Bradyn.
Welcome to my life.

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