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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What What? Lemme TELL You !

Ok Ok
So, Me, here.. So excited I could Pee myself.. LOL
I got a
CANON digital Rebel XTI for Valentines day.. Beats last years gift..
Which was a tazer gun.
I'm in LOVE with it! Its Perfect for me, and BOY.. Do I have a Lot to learn!
Here is some pics from the eclipse, you can see the Big, Full size Version On my Deviant Art Page, .

In other Lovely news..
My man is FINALLY getting on Dayshift! FINALLY! I'm so glad, I'll have him home for dinner each night.. and to sleep with.. OH GOD YES! LOL. I miss him when he is gone. :)
The new site should be Launched in the next day or so, Waiting on Domain Transfers.. Blah. I'm SO excited about how it has turned out!
Thanks to Heather , at for the help with the setup and hosting,
and thank you JUSSTA! for the GREAT Vector Image of me for my new biz!!! Its perfect, and I Love ya for it girl!

And, even more great news
You can buy premade items from my graphic design site now! And Pay buttons are functional! Finally.. So, if you have time, go have a nosey :) Sign up for my newsletter too!

Thanks guys! I'm trying to stick with this blog thing.
Peace and Chicken Grease

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