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Thursday, March 20, 2008

.. In Depth .. Opinions wanted.

 I was watching Cnn.. And the Tibet , Iraq, everywhere... I mean, It is staggering to think of the world, of humanity, as a whole. Think of it man! I mean, For the most part, we see it delivered to us via media, with political agendas attached--free of charge of course. That's where they get you.. ALWAYS in the backside! I mean, who really gets to travel and see FIRSTHAND the damage, and devistation that lies across our planet? The rainforests, the wars, the famine, disease, and abuse?
They are able to infect us without us realizing . Influenced media is always at liberty of the government. What are they infecting us with ? False Media.
We deserve the truth, that much is evident.. I mean, John Mccain doesn't even know who is on whos side.. which really doesn't speak much importance.

Getting back to what I was saying.. the fear that they instill in us from all the negativity... it makes us feel less important, more apt to be submissive.
It numbs us to what we are at our core, what we are here to be, or to become. We are overwhelmed by the neglect, malicious doings, self driven acts of hatred or abuse that we begin to think of the whole world as a lost cause. Its just TOO BIG to overcome.
It becomes easier to hate the lack of courtesy extended, the lost thank yous for opening a door, the people rushing to their destination completely oblivious to the life adjacent to them.

We begin to see things through this darkness delivered to us and we feel hopeless for humanity. How can we love thy neighbor when they don't even say hello? Or even take the time to acknowledge the existance of another being who does not directly hold a place in our lives?

So.. My question for you is this.

What do you do to feel human, to feel compassion for others outside of your family... How do you express this? Through Helping, reaching out? Or do you do it in an indirect way... Behind the scenes . Are you oblivious to the world that's around you, has the media and recent events numbed your sense of immediate and lasting compassion for those who are not immediately effected by your existence?

.. Just a thought.


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michelep said...

Hi Mis. I love that you are blogging. You have done a real nice job on it. I added your blog to my list of favorite bloggers. Keep up the great work.