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Friday, September 11, 2009

Unraveled - Chapter 1: Moving

Main Character Introduced in first Chapter
Mirra - 23 year old Female

“That just doesn’t sound right. “ Mirra said as she flew down the stairs. It was her first time In New York, and as she discovered, a little more preparation was in store if she were to go on a trip like this again.
“OK, Third, to.. What? “She stumbled through the makeshift map she printed out that morning, and as she started to panic, “Birch! Finally! “She got on the platform, and awaited her shuttle. Noticing, since she had calmed down, that there were many people around her.
She saw a Homeless pair, in the right corner, and immediately felt empathy. Saw People that had watches worth more than she made in a month. And people of every ethnic background imaginable.

Coming from a small town, Mirra, never had to deal with issues like these, and seeing them first hand, she knew was going to change her perspective on life, and help her route her path.
That’s why she was here after all. She received an internship right out of college. She had wanted to work for US weekly, but that didn’t exactly pan out. She ended up at a small end Celebrity Gossip magazine, slash online community.

But, she knew that, patience was a virtue. Right?

What better way to figure out where you want to go in life, then to take the second rate version first? She had hoped that she would emerge on top, be noticed, and everything a 20 something year old is naïve enough to believe. She had it all planned out.

Anything to get out of Floureden. She hated it there. Small, Remote. And surrounded by corn and beans. Rodeos, and a lot of farm life. In the Midwest. Unless you came from a ‘City ‘ you will understand.
Population 10,047 Home of the Bobcats.

She packed into the tram.

“I can’t wait to get to the apartment “ she said under her voice. It smelled awful. But, seemed to bug no one else, so she just kept a straight face.
The doors opened. She stepped from the platform onto the ramp, and made her way up the stairs. Even though she was only staying here, ‘temporarily ‘ she didn’t want to live in a hotel. She found a small apartment for lease, on an upper level. There were 3 other apartments in the building.

After stopping at a grocer, she proceeded to the apartment. She had her things delivered there. Lucky break really, she had no money to pay for it, and her dad just so happened to come around for once that year. He had money, but was more of… the friend type, than the father type. She knew he meant well, and if it made him feel better to give her money, when he felt bad for not coming around. She was happy to take it. She needed it more than he knew anyway, it saved her So much work having to move everything, and buy new stuff herself.

She approached the door. It was green, paint chipped, and apparently, someone had tried to break in a couple times.

“nice. “ she inserted her key.

“ Ok. Apartment, 3. Three… Three.. “ She walked upstairs, “ Three. Gotcha .”
She opened the door to what surprised her to be a clean, nicely painted, living space. Nothing magical, but… “ Nice!” she whispered. Not wanting to appear like a lunatic… Just in case they could hear through the doors.

“ Time to Move in.. she thought “ hoping … it would only be for a short stay, before she got her big break. She started unpacking, as she ate with her left hand. Going through her pictures, and trinkets first.
After she got halfway through she decided. “Time for a drink “…She sat down, poured some rum. But quickly, fell asleep before she could have one sip.
all writing is copyright to Mis Smith
any copy or infringement is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

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