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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unraveled - Chapter 3 - An Invitation

Chapter 3.
Characters introduced in this Chapter
Brenn – Mirra’s former best friend
Discussion of Mirra’s mother and Father.


“Knock Knock!” Mirra stood up and went to the door, abandoning the rerun of ‘Lost’ She was watching.

“ Ready to work?” Sadie said, standing at her door in capri sweat pants, and an old Abercrombie Top.
“Sure” Mirra was excited, she found a friend within just a day. They started to unpack her clothing, and her decorations for her walls, rugs, and so on. One by one, they went through each box, on the last one, they cut the tape, and Sadie looked at Mirra with a long, swept smile on her face.

“ Wanna go out?” Sadie grinned.
“ Out? You mean, like dancing out… or like party out?” Mirra got nervous. She hated meeting a lot of people at once.
“ Let’s just say, it’s a great experience that not many get to experience. But, you can’t tell anyone about it. It’s a secret underground… well, club of sorts. It’s is only open to very few groups of elite friends and family. You’ll love it though, and I know they’ll love you. “

‘How did she know? She doesn’t even know me that well ‘ Mirra thought. ‘ why is she inviting me … there has to be some hidden agenda. ‘ Was she doubting and judging again, or was this her gut? She couldn’t tell. That alone scared the hell out of her.

So in a rush to answer, she muttered “ Is it safe?” she figured, better safe than sorry.
“ I really can’t tell you a whole lot unless I have your sincere promise that you would never tell anyone about it. If you do, it could be dangerous yes. But Mirra, I know that you will fit in perfectly.“

“ Who do I know Sadie? “ She felt hot.. and upset.

“ I’m sorry, but it’s very important. And listen, if you don’t want to come out with me, then forget I ever said anything!”

Mirra felt bad now. “ I’m sorry Sadie. This is all so new still. I just don’t want to get myself into an uncomfortable situation. Please don’t be angry with me. I do want to go out, and promise not to tell anyone. “ She really didn’t want to ruin her chances of making a genuine friend in Sadie.

She hated the feeling of rejection, especially when she felt the guilt of fault. She realized why what she said had upset Sadie. What was she going to do, kidnap her? Besides, what was Sadie’s sudden interest in her, trusting her not to tell anyone, even though she had just met her?

“ It’s ok. I understand. Get ready. I’ll be back in two hours . I promise, you will have a good time . “

She left quickly. Mirra wasn’t sure if she had gotten back on her good side fully or not. She was puzzled at how Sadie didn’t have a more substantial thing to say after the comment she had made.

When Sadie left. Mirra sat down.

She started to think. Would she find someone here like her? Different, with her abilities maybe? Someone she could trust, and live peacefully?

See, another reason Mirra was considered so different, was that she had a special gift.
When Mirra was young, she dabbled in witchcraft. Only to find out, she had a real knack for it.

Not realizing, until she was 12, that her Mother, Who died when she was 4, was also a ‘ witch ‘ of sorts. So, with her newfound power, she felt great burden after a few years. She kept it secret from almost everyone, everyone except Brenn. Brenn was Mirra’s close friend, he was same age as her, a little on the weird side, but got Mirra. He knew how she functioned, and carried many of the same burdens, and Abilities, that she had. He moved to her town from Chicago, and was also a ‘witch’. He was sent for her. She learned from him. Mirra had always called herself a ‘ witch ‘ .
“Those are the old days Mirra.. We don’t like to be called ‘ witches ‘, we prefer ‘ Vens ‘.”

Mirra and Brenn, fall in a class of Veneficas, Italian for Witch, and Brenn taught Mirra her Craft, her history, and about her Mother. Brenn was the first other ‘Ven’ She had met. He taught her of the Biblical History of her and his kind, the massive history of famous Vens, and the all around history of everything she was, and was going to be.

Most importantly of her immortality, although it came with a price. One Mirra hadn’t had to pay yet, but knew she would have to one day.

Once a lifetime, to take life forces, a Ven must absorb the life of another. Some Vens, were brutal in their taking, some weren’t. There were spells, to hypnotize, sedate, and ‘ remove ‘ them from themselves, so they can then, take over that life. Vens would mostly go in pairs, so they could continue their together, bear children, who would also be born Vens, and continue to live under the public eye.

If they failed their transition before their human body dies, the Ven dies with it.

Vens, also had a way of knowing another Ven as soon as they were within a few feet, Making it easy for them to band together after their ‘takings’, as well as meeting new ones throughout life.
Her mother died when she was 4, by the arm of another Ven, who had loved her, but she left him for a human, who was Mirra’s father.

He was also a Ven, but a powerful one. He cursed Mirra’s Mother, when she discovered she had bore a child to a human, which was not against the laws of a Ven, however, it upset him deeply, as his love for her was so big, he ended his life soon after as well.

Mirra knew that there were many other Vens in the world, and she was ready to meet them. Mirra was a very young Ven, a true 23. She had so much to learn, and when Brenn died in a car accident, she was left to fend for herself, and learn on her own. She always practiced what she knew, but as far as teaching herself went, she was left empty.

You can assure also, that if she came home to her aunt, with that kind of ‘ junk ‘. She would surely burn it at sight.

The hot water had made the bathroom hot, and foggy. It smelled of Vanilla. There were her new towels, and candles, all set up nice and neat. She felt at home, for the first time since she had arrived.
Mirra jumped in the shower, and started to get ready to leave with Sadie. She felt a sense of excitement, and fear, all at the same time.

“ This will be fun… Don’t be so nervous “ she told herself.

all writing is copyright to Mis Smith any copy or infringement is prohibited and will be prosecuted.


Stephanie said...

Hey, Mis! Very interesting stuff here! Can't wait to see where this goes...

I'm slow getting around (not online much), but I will definitely be checking back to see what else you have. Keep up the great work! ;)

Psyco said...

Awesome stuff..I'm

Great writing sweety. :)

Mindless Scrap said...

I'm really enjoying your story!