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Friday, September 11, 2009

Unraveled - Chapter 2 - First Ties?

Chapter 2 - First Ties?

Characters introduced - Sadie 27 Female

Mirra Awoke to a stiff neck, and someone knocking at her half open door.

“Oh my, Shit! I fell asleep “she said out loud. Cupping her mouth short after.
She flipped her hair around, and ran to the door. Spilling the rum from her unfinished drink. When she got to the door, there was a girl, who seemed to be a few years older than her, or maybe her age, but rough around the edges.

“I’m Sadie. Nice to meet ya, I’m in 2.” Sadie was tall, slender, and blonde. Really blonde. She had a voice of a third grade teacher. The mean kind. But seemed nice enough. “Can I come in? “She asked.
“Oh, yes. Sure, I’m sorry, come in.” Mirra stumbled, thinking of what an ass she must have just made of herself. Mirra started to laugh, “Drink? “She heard Sadie chuckle jokingly, “Actually, sure. That sounds good!” she pulled out a pack of Newports. “So, how old are you, I didn’t catch your name “

“Mirra, Mirra Styce. I’m 23. What about you? “

Sadie smiled, and said “How old do you think I am? “

Was this a trick question? ‘Oh god, ‘she thought.

“I don’t know, 24 maybe? “

Sadie laughed… “You are a sweetheart. I’m actually 27. “

Mirra felt a deep sense of relief. And went over to pour the drinks. She usually didn’t drink before noon. But, agreed. It sounded wonderful, especially with the cramp in her neck. She then drifted, while pouring, thinking, ‘how did I fall asleep like that? ‘.

“Drink ma’am” Mirra handed Sadie a Rum and Coke Mix. “ Yummo… We have similar tastes “Sadie said sweetly.

“ So you need help moving in, I’m just headed down to the grocer, then I’ll be back, I can make breakfast, and we can get double the work done. “ Sadie walked past the sofa. “Sure, that would be fantastic” Mirra said, without thinking, that maybe she wasn’t who she said she was.. But trusted that everything would be fine.

“That’s great… Do you mind if I smoke?”

Mirra didn’t smoke. Well not cigarettes anyway. She would when she drank, or smoked grass occasionally. But never really liked them otherwise, even though she wanted to say ‘no’…

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll grab an ashtray.”

She walked to a box, in the kitchen, and found a candle lid, and walked back into the living room. Sadie was leaning over the back of the sofa. “Thank you, so where you from?”

“Well, I’m from a small town in Missouri, you wouldn’t know it. It’s close to St. Louis though, if that helps any. Lots of Farms, lots of country radio stations. Lots of nothing. Good people though. “She realized she was rambling.

“I see. “ Mirra stood through the awkward silence. “So, what about you, you from the NYC Area?”

‘Who says NYC Area Mirra ‘she thought?

“No, actually I’m from Sweden. “ She noticed her blonde hair again. It was natural. “I moved here when I was 4. Grew up in Massachusetts. But I have no ties there anymore, so I figured, I would move to the, ‘Big Apple ‘. See where it took me ya know? “

Mirra Smiled. She felt like they kinda connected just then. Sadie finished her Rum and coke and said. “So, I’ll see you in twenty “she noticed the look on Sadie’s face had gone from sweet, to sour. Mirra acted like she didn’t notice, just so she didn’t seem rude. But, found herself very curious. Why would she be upset over that? Maybe something happened… she shook her head, and thought to herself. ‘I’ll ask later. ‘

“Ok! Thanks Sadie! “ She heard her yell from downstairs “I’m grabbing my keys, and I’ll be back! “, and she heard her go into her apartment. “ Whew “she made a semi false sigh of relief.

Knowing it was silly to think that way in the first place. She always found herself expecting the worst out of everything that randomly occurred, that seemed positive at first. She hadn’t had many girl friends, but had a lot of ‘guy’friends. Girls hated her for that. They blamed her for breakups, when she had nothing to do with them. Trust was an issue.

Needless to say, High school days weren’t her ‘best years ‘. And, she dropped out her sophomore year.

Mirra was a talented writer. She had the guilty pleasure of loving celebrity life, gossip, and had a passion for journalism, current Events, and what was ‘ in ‘. And thats what got her here.

New York. The biggest city she had ever been in.

As she stared out the big window in her living room, She noticed, she lived on a crummy side of town… not like the ghetto, but poor middleclass, that hadnt had any city work done in a long time. She saw a lot of young kids around and only saw a few older couples.

‘Cheap prices. Lots of us. Wow. ‘She thought. “I’m going to meet a lot of people.” Realizing that Sadie wasn’t the last encounter she would have with someone who lived close by.

She just wasn’t good with those situations. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them. She had a type of anxiety, which she took medication for.

Her heart started beating fast, thinking of everything in a spiral.
“Damn Anxiety. This is awful. I have to find a doctor here. “She then thought. “No, that’s one more step towards permanency staying here. No “.
Mirra sat on the couch. And just waited for Sadie to come back. She poured another drink. And turned on her Television.

“What was I thinking?”

She picked up a Newport Sadie had left for her. Lit the end, and put her feet up. As she grabbed the makeshift ashtray, she flung herself back onto the couch.


all writing is copyright to Mis Smith any copy or infringement is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

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